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    彩票研究方法‘Well,’ said Felix, jumping up, ‘the cask’s in the coach-house and I see there is nothing for it but to go and open it now. I did not want to do so to-night, as I did not want to have all that gold lying loose about the house, but it’s clear nothing else will satisfy you.’


    ‘Léon Felix? I certainly know him. A decent fellow he is too. And you mean to say he told you I was mixed up with some matter connected with a cask?’
    ‘M. Boirac?’ repeated the clerk, doubtfully, ‘I do not think we have any one of that name here at present.’ He turned over a card index on the desk. ‘No, monsieur, he has not come yet.’
    ‘I might do that,’ he said. ‘I’ve never done anything like it before, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t.’


    1.‘I’m sorry for giving you the trouble, but I see no other way. We shall have to follow up each of these casks until we find the right one.’
    3.A tall, untidy looking man, in threadbare clothes and smoking a short clay, lounged up to the car with his hands in his pockets. Burnley spoke softly without looking round,—
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